Zapier Document Generation with Zocuments

Version 1.0.0 of the Zocuments application is currently an unlisted app until we have 10 active users, the app can be found via this link:

Create New Zap

Create Zapier Google Sheets Trigger

Choose App & Event

Sign In to Google Sheets Account and Choose a Sheet

Select Sample Data

Finished with Zapier Trigger

Create a Zapier Action to Generate Documents with Zocuments

Find & Select Zocuments Using Search

Verify Zocuments Account

Get Your Zocuments API Key

(Find it on the Zocuments Account page)

Provide Zocuments API Key to Zapier

Customize (Google Sheets) Data for Document

into JSON format

Get Zocuments Template ID from Zocuments Account Page

located on the Accounts Page and to the right-hand-side of the Templates list.

Send Test Zap to Zocuments


After the Zap has run, the generated documents can be downloaded from the Zocuments dashboard.

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