How To: Salesforce Document Generation

How To: Salesforce Document Generation

First, do one of the following:

  • Login using your Salesforce account
  • Register with an email address and password

Once you have logged-in to the Zocuments application, the next step is to upload a DOCX thistemplate.

1) Pick a DOCX Template

From the Zocuments Dashboard, expand the first section: "Pick or Upload a DOCX Template"

To upload a DOCX template, click the button labeled "Click to upload"

Alternatively, you can drag and drop DOCX template files from your computer onto the dashboard while the Template Selection pane is expanded.

2) Select a Salesforce Report as the Data Source

With the Data Source section expanded, select the Salesforce button. If you did not login using a Salesforce account, you will be redirected to Salesforce to authorize the Zocuments application to run reports on your behalf.

(Please Note: Salesforce implements a 2,000 record return limit.)

3) Download Documents

After you have selected a Salesforce Report as your data source, the Delivery Method Section will expand. Choose Download to begin generating your documents.

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